Technology Marketing


Our technology marketing services help you to communicate effectively with your audience and promptly respond to their needs in a better way. We also ensure, that you navigate smoothly through the complexities of technology with nuances of marketing. Our customizable services cater to the marketing needs of businesses of all sizes – Startups, Mid and Large-sized Tech companies, Events and Online Training businesses, or any other business that wants to run an online content engine. Thus, we can help you with specific assets to enable your sales and marketing, and also to execute a comprehensive program or campaign. We ensure substantial aspects of your marketing outcomes via our Technology Marketing as a managed service.



We help technology startups meet their most pressing marketing and sales needs – creating awareness, and customer acquisition. We understand that you have limited time and resources to focus on marketing activities. This is where we come into the picture. We have been successfully helping startups to rapidly build and scale, and develop compelling marketing programs by providing marketing services, which include:

  • Marketing strategy support
  • Developing targeted and relevant content to create buzz and nurture the audience
  • Managing digital presence

Mid and large tech companies

As you continuously innovate, it becomes vital to communicate the value that your offerings bring to your customer’s business. New marketing techniques and tools are introduced every now and then, and it is sometimes difficult to keep abreast with them and decide which ones are best to use. We help you to rise above the noise and adopt marketing strategies that best fit your business needs. We can help you to reach out to relevant audience in new ways and stay ahead of the competition. Our expert teams will work closely with you to develop relevant content, which your sales and marketing teams can use to nurture leads and sell effectively. We offer:

  • Strategy support (research, compete analysis)
  • Positioning and Messaging support
  • Marketing content development (presentations, whitepapers, information graphics, etc)
  • Sales and Ecosystem Enablement content development
  • Social Listening and Account Intelligence services

Event Companies

Event management can be chaotic. A successful event requires a lot of inputs including – effective pitch, creating the buzz, and spreading awareness at the right time. It also entails reaching out to more and more people (visitors, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors) to participate in the event. All these activities require proper planning, marketing, and execution of the complete event lifecycle. We help organizations to meet their event marketing goals by providing them services including event planning support, content development, outbound marketing, social media management, creating a web information architecture, SEO/SEM, and analytics.

Training content development

Developing training content requires deep subject matter expertise, experience in information designing and content development, and user experience with technical proficiency. It is difficult to bring all these disparate skills together to deliver an engaging training experience. Our teams have extensive experience of developing cutting-edge training content, thus, enabling clients to successfully deliver trainings to their customers. We can develop training content in different modes including:

  • Online trainings
  • Instructor-led trainings
  • Computer-based trainings
  • Self-paced trainings

Content support for non-tech businesses

It is important to have the right content to connect and communicate with your audience effectively, irrespective of your line of business. But, developing useful and engaging content can be a daunting task. You need to understand the audience preferences from different pivots. This requires research, planning, understanding of the audience profiles, and measurement of the efforts with timely course correction. We help organizations to build marketing and content plans that align with their business objectives. Our content teams can help you in curating and developing relevant content that can be used at different stages of your sales and marketing processes. We also help you to listen to the conversations of your audience on social channels and draw useful inferences to make informed business and marketing decisions.

We have partnered with Advaiya for Technology Marketing services

We have partnered with Advaiya – a technology and marketing services company, to bring Technology Marketing services to you. Advaiya has been successfully providing “Technology Marketing” services to clients across the globe including Microsoft, Google, VMWare, Cisco, UBM, InformationWeek, Queport,, and more. We are committed to provide trustworthy support to ensure that your marketing functions are effective amidst the highly dynamic technology and business contexts. You can boost your technology marketing functions by leveraging our services that cater to all the aspects including – Planning, Content, Execution, Automation, and Governance.

Opportunity for you

Meet your marketing and sales purposes by supercharging your marketing functions and optimizing the marketing processes:

  • Execute efficiently
  • Ensure accountability
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Process measurability
  • Assurance
  • Cost economies
  • Quick turnaround