About US

Our services and solutions are designed to help you achieve your business objective increase your sales revenue. We not only implement the solution but we ensure our solutions are giving you edge in the competitive market and are giving tangible results.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your business’s performance and provide consulting for a successful business strategy . We aim to provide services that are aligned to our client’s business objectives. Our core aim is to ensure that the our clients investment (time and resources) with us can provide them maximum return. We help our clients in:
  • Increasing their revenue.
  • Enhancing sales productivity.
  • Process efficiency.
  • Overall profitability.

Our Commitment

Our fees is based on your success. We are here to help you reach your growth target .

Do you want to grow ?

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“Act now or your competitors will “

Sanjay Choudhary B.COM , MBA – Sales Director

He has worked in technology, finance and business development field over a decade. He currently consults startup’s and SME on the sales and growth strategy to help them focus and increase their revenue. In the past he has worked with large enterprise and clients like Barclays, RBS, Reckitt Benckiser, Carbon Trust etc. He was instrumental in closing many multi million pound deals for his previous organisations. With his keen interest and experience with startups, leading technologies and upcoming trends he is always on his feet to make things happen for the clients. In his free time he enjoys writing blogs, reading about technology trends and is a passionate traveller.

Ryan Mills, B.Sc., MBA – Technical Sales Director

Ryan Mills is an International Sales Professional with a particular focus on the IT and Consumers Electronics industry. He currently manages and advises UK and international companies, and previoulsy gained business and industry experience in Europe, USA , Africa and the Middle East. As the Technical Sales Director he has responsibility for advising client on the best technology offering and help them make the best technology decision for the business. Ryan speaks French (native language), English and Greek.

Sonal Bhalla – Digital Marketing Director

Sonal is highly-qualified and capable programme manager, having worked internationally in the capacity of Information & Communication Technologies Project Specialist for over 15 Years. His true strength is in Crisis Management, and his work has taken him all over the globe. He now channels his vast experience into Sharpedge Solutions’s and help client formulate digital marketing strategy and help them generates new leads and prospects . He is entrepreneur by heart and goes that extra mile to ensure our clients are getting the best return on their investment in the Digital media. Born in Delhi, India, Sonal is fascinated by different cultures and peoples, observing life from the viewpoint of the man on the street as well as that of the high flyers. He enjoys meditation, cycling and has a passion for martial arts. He philosophy hinges on the pretext that “the background is the foreground”. What makes him happy: being a global wanderer